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Selling with Scientific Precision

Selling with Scientific Precision: Exploring the Impact of Specialised Training


New business owner, Martina Neville, talks about why george james Training is her first choice when it comes to sales training.

Whether you're starting a new venture or working in an established business, one crucial element often determines success or failure - sales. For new business owners, understanding the art of selling and engaging with customers is paramount. 

In the scientific industries, sales require a deep understanding of complex technical concepts, regulatory frameworks, and the ability to communicate with diverse stakeholders ranging from scientists in the lab to senior decision-makers. That's why specialised sales training is crucial. 

We spoke to Martina Neville, Managing Director of Detta Consulting, about her career, why she decided to embark on sales training, and why george james Training was her first choice.


Q. Tell us about you and your work.

A. I've worked in or around marketing and business development since 2005 when I worked for a fashion consultancy. I had a short break when I went back to education to gain my PhD, and since then I’ve re-entered the world of marketing - now it’s specific to the life sciences. 

About three months ago I decided to set up my own company based on gaps that I observed while working for some marketing agencies. As the company is completely new, I have a very small customer base. I quickly realised that without sales training, I would struggle to get new clients on board. From my perspective, the training is one way to future-proof my business.


Q. Why did you choose george james Training?

A. George james, Pru Layton in particular, came highly recommended. I had been exposed to some sales training in a previous role and that's where I met Pru. I had also dealt with george james in a different capacity, as a recruitment consultancy,  so I knew that the company was professional and experienced. 

I also did some research on other sales training courses. I'm quite active on LinkedIn and saw many people promoting sales courses but none of them offered the value that george james did. It was a no-brainer to go with them.


Q. Please share with us an overview of the Tactical Selling Skills training course. 

A. The course was very much an immersive program designed to help sales professionals in science industries. The main objectives were to enhance our sales skills, develop effective communication techniques, and address challenges that are both common to other industries and unique to those faced in the science industries. Throughout the program, we delved into prospecting, managing a sales pipeline, effective communication skills, and impactful cold calling.


Q. What were some of the most valuable insights you gained from the sales training course?

A. There are so many, it’s quite difficult to narrow them down! The key takeaway for me was the importance of active listening and how to guide potential customers to realise their own need for an offering. Instead of merely telling them, the course emphasised the importance of understanding their pain points, asking open, probing questions, and actively listening to their responses. 

We also focused on objection-handling techniques, which proved to be immensely valuable. Pru equipped us with strategies to address objections, by reframing them as opportunities for further discussion rather than roadblocks. It’s techniques like these that will undoubtedly enhance the effectiveness of my sales.


“Undertaking the Tactical Selling Skills course was like having a mirror held up. It enabled me to see some of the bad habits and practices I have developed over the years. What Pru helped me do was unlearn and re-frame that.”


Q. Were there any specific approaches taught during the course that you found helpful in the context of the life science and biotech industries?

A. Absolutely! The sales training course offered several strategies that resonated well with the life science and biotech sectors. One approach that stood out was the art of knowing your products and services to simplify complex scientific concepts but also understand technical terminology. A crucial skill to communicate the value of our products or services to decision-makers who may not have a deep scientific background.


Q. Did the course incorporate practical exercises to enhance your learning experience?

A. The course was highly interactive. Usually at some point on a course, I start to lose concentration. On the Tactical Selling Skills course, we were always involved so it was impossible to feel bored! Every hour or so there were activities such as role-playing exercises where we simulated sales conversations with challenging scenarios. It helped deepen my understanding of the concepts by putting them into practice and preparing me for real-world sales situations.


Q. Would you recommend the sales training delivered by george james?

A. Without a doubt! Having attended many different types of courses over the years, I can honestly say this is one of the most well-structured and engaging.  


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