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It’s no secret that scientifically minded customers are hard to sell to. 

They’re challenging, they’re sceptical and with information at their fingertips, they’re more informed than ever-before. Coupled with a highly-competitive marketplace, where so much of the B2B buyer journey is handled without speaking to a sales rep, it can be difficult to begin navigating such a  complex landscape.

Whether you’ve just entered your first sales role, you’ve started a brand new sales job or simply need a refresher, our tactical selling skills training will show you how to sell successfully in a complex marketplace and hit the ground running. 


What will you learn?


Our tactical selling skills program presents the foundations of good selling. From start to finish, we’ll show you how to execute an effective sales process. By the end of the program, you’ll know how to: 
Improve your conversion rate from leads to sales by understanding how to apply a rigorous prospecting and qualification process.
Get more face to face appointments by refining your telephone skills & perfecting the art of objection handling. 
Be less busy and more productive by planning, prioritising and organising your time more effectively.  
Win more sales by understanding how best to present your offer, introduce price & handle the price objection, and ultimately close the sale.
And so much more...

Check out the full agenda and learning objectives below.


Program Agenda


Introduction and setting the scene

Reviewing the purpose of the program.


The concept of our comfort zone

The necessity to move outside your comfort zone on a continuous basis.

The relationship between change and success.


Goal setting

The importance of goal setting.

Focusing on the areas where we can obtain the greatest return.


The sales process

Appreciating the value of a well-executed sales process.

The importance of harmonising with the customers buying process.

The characteristics of a healthy sales funnel.

Best practices in sales opportunity management.



The importance of rigorous qualification from lead to sales opportunity.

Applying rigorous qualification to our current opportunities.


Planning and prioritising

Developing a customer classification framework.

Effective use of your scheduler and a customer call plan.



How to prospect effectively.

Using the best sources available to us.


Telephone Skills

Understanding the types of calls we make.

Setting achievable objectives for each call type.

The use of scripts.

Getting past the gatekeeper.

Techniques for handling the most common objections.

Making appointments.

Gaining commitment.


Opening, leading and controlling discussions 

Questioning and listening techniques.

A framework and structure for our conversations.

Key considerations for successful joint visits or calls.


Qualifying and establishing the customers’ requirements 

Understanding customer needs at more than the technical level.

Going beyond the superficial level of needs to give us a competitive edge.

Identification of and working with the customers buying and decision making processes.


Skills Practice

Opening up a sales call professionally.

Handling objections.

Gaining commitment.


Solving the time dilemma

Getting organised and setting priorities.

Planning our time effectively.

Meeting deadlines.

Effective use of a calendar, email and to do list.


Individual report back exercises

Report back on progress made by applying key learning points and agreed actions and commitments.


Presenting our offer

Understand the difference between features, advantages and benefits.

Presenting our offer in terms of customer stated benefits.


Managing the price conversation

How to introduce price.

Effective conversations with purchasing.

Handling the price objection.


Closing the sale 

Understanding the key principles for success.

Spotting buying signals.

Closing techniques.

The words we use.

The timing.


Skills Practice

Handling the price objection.

Asking for the order.


Self-analysis for self-development 

Helping ourselves.

Setting goals for focussing our personal development.

Analysing performance and challenging ourselves.

Climbing the sales experience ladder. 

Appointing an ‘accountability partner’.



Identification of key learning points from day 3 and the sales situations where they should be applied.

Preparation for the future.

Identification of opportunities for further report back exercises in your own organisations.

Finalising your goals.

"I’d recommend the course to anyone new to sales and even those who are more experienced looking for advice. Excellent all round! It was all delivered with good humour whilst being light-hearted and engaging but more importantly, very informative about the sales world."
Sales Executive

When and where?


The tactical selling skills open program is held in both the UK & Switzerland. The UK programe is located in the stunning grounds of the Chesterford Research Park and in the Hotel Ambassador in Zurich, Switzerland. Lunch is included as well as free refreshments throughout the day. 

We run the tactical selling skills program multiple times throughout the year.

Book now to find a location & date that suits your schedule. 


Who should attend?


You should consider investing in the tactical selling skills program if you or your team are commercial professionals involved in science and technology sales – such as sales reps, technical support and application scientists. 
This program is aimed at professionals who have just entered their first sales or sales support role, started a new sales-related job, have never received any professional sales, or simply need a refresher. 

 If you are an experienced sales professional seeking to build upon your professional selling skills then our advanced strategic selling skills program could be right for you. Find out more here.

Need more convincing?

Customers buy from people, not from companies. In fact, numerous studies have shown that a salesperson’s competence is the most important factor affecting the prospect’s decision to buy your products or services.
Not only will training keep your team’s sales skills and techniques sharp and up to date but it also shows your team that your invested in their development. What does this mean? More motivation, better performance, improved sales figures and higher employee retention rates!
If you’d like to talk through any of our training programs in more depth, we’d love to hear from you.


Meet the trainers


Jonathan Cooper


Back in 1998, Jonathan Cooper co-founded george james ltd. with business partner Neil Burns. Now, Jonathan’s primary focus is the delivery of sales and commercially focused training, leadership development and one to one coaching and mentoring programs.  


Pru Layton


Pru has dedicated over a decade to training, coaching and mentoring individuals and teams in the science and technology sector. Currently, she runs both the open programs and in-house tailored training programs as well as offers one-to-one coaching and mentoring. 


Steve Vaughan


As a senior trainer, Steve runs both the open and tailored training programs covering all aspects of sales and sales leadership. Steve also provides one-to-one coaching. 

george james Ltd. - Training Team - Pascal Le Floch-Riche

Pascal Le Floch-Riche


Pascal runs both the open programs and in-house tailored training programs while delivering complementary individual coaching and mentoring in both French and English.


Jayne Green


As a sales trainer and coach, Jayne takes a holistic approach that isn’t just about transferring knowledge but aims to foster a growth mindset and enable people to continually develop long after training has finished.


Christian Walter


Christian runs both the open program and in-house tailored training programs and delivers individual coaching and mentoring in both German and English.

We know the ins and outs of the science and technology industry

Ever attended a commercial or sales training program but felt like the trainers don’t understand the nuances of your industry? Having had thriving careers in the science and technology industry, with decades in similar roles to you, as well as years of experience as successful sales coaches, you can be confident that our coaches know the ins and outs of your market.


Have a question about one of our services?


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Or sometimes it’s easier to just pick up the phone and give us a call on: +44 (0) 1697 744804


“The role playing session was extremely helpful in coaching them to use all concepts earlier training sessions to the end: qualification - NAMTCR, how to develop relationship with KOL's, facing competition, handling objections (APIAC), and making great presentations.”
Associate Director of Sales