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Channel partners, comprising resellers, affiliate partners, distributors, value-added providers, and independent retailers, play a pivotal role in technical sales. Using channel partners allows a business to access markets and customers that would otherwise be impractical or prohibitively expensive to reach through direct sales.

However, effectively collaborating with, managing, and influencing these partners, who operate independently and outside of direct authority, demands a distinct set of skills and processes compared to selling directly.

This training course builds upon a proven program with a decade-long track record, providing individuals selling through partners with the essential skills and processes necessary to drive exceptional outcomes.

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How Does It Work? 


The training course consists of 4 separate modules, giving you the flexibility to select the ones that best suit your needs, attend specific "top-up" training sessions or complete the entire program.

If you’re new to a Channel Management role or your sales role demands channel management activity for which you’ve had no formal training, we strongly recommend you choose to enrol in the entire course.


Module 1:

Core Skills in Channel Partner Management


Key topics and learning outcomes:

The responsibilities of channel partner management. Fully understand your responsibilities and the characteristics of a role model Channel Partner Manager.

Leading vs. managing. Appreciate the difference between leading and managing channel partners.

Self-management techniques. Master goal setting, planning, and prioritization to make the most of your own and your channel partners time.

Effective communication techniques. Use active listening and apply the most appropriate methods of communication for different situations to build lasting relationships with your channel partners.
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Module 2:

Key Processes and Structures


Key topics and learning outcomes:

Comprehensive business planning. Be ready to develop a plan that secures executive buy-in and helps you exceed revenue and growth goals.

Auditing your business. Evaluate your company's readiness for partner-based sales through internal audits.

Assessing routes to market. Confidently conduct market size assessments and gap analysis to analyse your market, identify opportunities, and devise strategies that align with your business goals.

Creating ideal channel partner profiles. Build profiles that help you focus your search and
better assess potential partners – so you waste less time looking at the wrong ones!

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Module 3:

Effective Management of Channel Partner Performance


Key topics and learning outcomes:

Monitoring metrics. Know what to measure when assessing the performance of your distribution partners.

Targets and goals. Set activity-focused, achievable goals that give you clarity on measuring, tracking and improving your business performance.

Managing multiple sales funnels. Learn processes and skills that help you effectively co-ordinate multiple sales funnels.

Conducting business reviews. Lead reviews that build strong relationships and motivate and inspire your channel partners.

Dealing with underperformance. Understand recovery planning and the key elements to consider when terminating a partner.

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Module 4:

Influencing Channel Partners to Deliver Great Results


Key topics and learning outcomes:

Assessing channel partners. Apply strategic processes to identify opportunities for growth.

Managing power imbalances. Anticipate power imbalances before they happen and implement techniques that rebalance any skewed power dynamic.

Effective joint visits. Understand how high-quality joint ventures can transform relationships and help you realise the maximum value of your network.

Motivating channel partners. From incentives to empathy and effective communication, learn how create a motivating environment for your channel partners for lasting relationships and maximum returns.

Building trust. Foster trust with your channel partners by managing expectations around forecasting, adding value and investing in continuous development.

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Module 1 Americas: 22nd May 15:00 BST/14:00 UTC
Module 2 Americas: 23rd May 15:00 BST/14:00 UTC
Module 3 Americas: 4th June 15:00 BST/14:00 UTC
Module 4 Americas: 5th June 15:00 BST/14:00 UTC


Module 1 EMEA/Asia: 25th June 08:00 BST/07:00 UTC
Module 2 EMEA/Asia: 26th June 08:00 BST/07:00 UTC
Module 3 EMEA/Asia: 2nd July 08:00 BST/07:00 UTC
Module 4 EMEA/Asia: 3rd July 08:00 BST/07:00 UTC

“I really enjoyed the training, and it was exactly what I needed! I am already making plans to incorporate what I learned into my plans for the year and I am sure it will have a positive impact on my output. I'd give the session a 10/10 all around as I can't think of anything I would change.”
Americas Business Development Manager

Who should attend?


Channel partner managers and export and distributor managers right through to  international marketing managers will benefit from attending our channel partner management training course.
We also strongly encourage sales reps to attend since they are often given channel management responsibilities without any formal training!

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Meet the trainers


Jonathan Cooper


Back in 1998, Jonathan Cooper co-founded george james ltd. with business partner Neil Burns. Now, Jonathan’s primary focus is the delivery of sales and commercially focused training, leadership development and one to one coaching and mentoring programs. 


Pru Layton


Pru has dedicated over a decade to training, coaching and mentoring individuals and teams in the science and technology sector. Currently, she runs both the open programs and in-house tailored training programs as well as offers one-to-one coaching and mentoring. 


Steve Vaughan


As a senior trainer, Steve runs both the open and tailored training programs covering all aspects of sales and sales leadership. Steve also provides one-to-one coaching. 

george james Ltd. - Training Team - Pascal Le Floch-Riche

Pascal Le Floch-Riche


Pascal runs both the open programs and in-house tailored training programs while delivering complementary individual coaching and mentoring in both French and English.


Jayne Green


As a sales trainer and coach, Jayne takes a holistic approach that isn’t just about transferring knowledge but aims to foster a growth mindset and enable people to continually develop long after training has finished.


Christian Walter


Christian runs both the open program and in-house tailored training programs and delivers individual coaching and mentoring in both German and English.

We know the ins and outs of the science and technology industry

Ever attended a commercial or sales training program but felt like the trainers don’t understand the nuances of your industry? Having had thriving careers in the science and technology industry, with decades in similar roles to you, as well as years of experience as successful sales coaches, you can be confident that our coaches know the ins and outs of your market.


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“The role playing session was extremely helpful in coaching them to use all concepts earlier training sessions to the end: qualification - NAMTCR, how to develop relationship with KOL's, facing competition, handling objections (APIAC), and making great presentations.”
Associate Director of Sales