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It’s one thing being a good sales rep but it’s quite another being a good, or even a great, sales manager. 

From finding your leadership style, motivating your team and giving them feedback to developing strategic business plans, delivering accurate forecasts and hiring talent, our sales management and leadership development program provides you with the springboard to becoming a great sales manager.


Managing success through others

With eight people reporting to me, stepping into my first sales manager role was challenging to navigate – mostly because I received zero guidance, training or coaching. This course combines all the knowledge that would have made my transition to a sales manager position a lot easier - and a lot less daunting.”Pru Layton, Senior Sales Trainer. 

Our sales management & leadership development program will show you how to:

Find your leadership style and motivate your team. 

 Develop strategic business plans and individual sales plans, set and monitor KPI's and run effective one to one meetings. 

 Be less busy but more productive by getting organised and setting boundaries. 

Deliver accurate forecasts by identifying and addressing the common causes of forecast failure.

Be your team's coach through an understanding of the coaching process & practicing role-play scenarios.

And so much more...
Check out the full agenda and learning objectives below.

Program Agenda


Introduction and setting the scene

Why we are here.

The course objectives.


The concept of our comfort zone

The necessity to move outside our comfort zone on a continuous basis.

The relationship between change and success.


Goal setting

The importance of goal setting.

Focusing on the areas where we can obtain the greatest return.


Leadership and management

Understanding the differences between leadership and management.

What are the different leadership styles?

Getting the balance right between leadership and management.

Learn how to motivate others.

Achieving success through a team.


Planning and measurement

Developing strategic business plans.

Forming and monitoring individual sales plans.

Setting and monitoring KPI’s with the use of leading and lagging indicators.

Running effective 1:1 meetings:
    • Agreeing agendas
    • Managing the discussion
    • Agreeing actions


Solving the sales managers time dilemma

Getting organised and setting priorities.

Planning our time effectively.

Meeting deadlines.

Effective use of email, calendar and to-do lists.



Identification of key learning points from day 1 and the situations where they should be applied.



Review of key learning points from day 1.


Delivering accurate forecasts

Educating the sales force.

Addressing the common causes of forecast failure.

Effective management of the sales process from a sales managers perspective.


Joint visits

Understanding the value of joint visit activity.

Setting the frequency.

Defining the different types or reasons for a joint visit.

Ensuring a great customer experience during joint visits.

Role play exercise.



Understand the coaching process.

Knowing when and where to use coaching.

Coaching as a performance management tool.

Effective use of feedback.

Role play exercise.


Sales competency model

Understanding competencies:
    • Skills and knowledge required for your top performing sales people
A template for the sales competency model:
    • How to assess your current team with the model
    • Use of the model for coaching and performance improvement



Identification of key learning points from day 2 and the sales management situations where they should be applied.

Preparation for day 3.


Report back and review

Individual report back exercises from day 1 and 2.

Report back on progress made applying key learning points, agreed actions and commitments.



Developing and retaining top performers.

How to create a good sales person specification.

Interviewing, the do’s and don’ts.

The first 90 days:
    • Setting expectations and standards with new sales people

Understanding what motivates people.

Managing development reviews.

Succession planning.

How to identify and manage poor performance.


Managing your manager

Agreeing the priorities.

How to provide concise and timely reports.

Being a solution provider.

Using your manager as a coach.


Running inspirational sales meetings

Setting objectives.

The components of a great agenda.

Managing time and expectations.

Team building.

The golden rules of presentation.


Change management

Introducing the change curve.

Understanding the drivers for change.

Communicating the need for change effectively.

Recognising and overcoming objections to change.



Identification of key learning points from day 3 and the sales management situations where they will be applied.

Preparation for the future.

Identification of opportunities for further report back exercises in your own organisation.

Finalising your goals.

"Pru's Sales Leadership Programme is insightful, well structured and there is a story to give the real world context for every example. You come wanting to put everything into action but the course helps you to channel your enthusiasm and energy into some achievable short and medium term goals."
Research Sales Manager

When and where?


Located in the idyllic grounds of the Chesterford Research Park, the sales management & leadership development program runs multiple times throughout the year. We include lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

Book now to find a time that suits your schedule.

Who should attend?


Have you been thrown in to your first sales management role? Maybe you’re a sales manager but have never had any formal training? Or maybe you’re developing your successor or one of your team for another management position? Then our sales management and leadership development program has been designed for you. 

Want to talk things through?


We understand that training is an investment – and that means you want to get it right first time. So if you have any questions or concerns, we’d love to hear from you and talk things through. Talk to us today.


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Meet the trainers


Jonathan Cooper


Back in 1998, Jonathan Cooper co-founded george james ltd. with business partner Neil Burns. Now, Jonathan’s primary focus is the delivery of sales and commercially focused training, leadership development and one to one coaching and mentoring programs.  


Pru Layton


Pru has dedicated over a decade to training, coaching and mentoring individuals and teams in the science and technology sector. Currently, she runs both the open programs and in-house tailored training programs as well as offers one-to-one coaching and mentoring. 


Steve Vaughan


As a senior trainer, Steve runs both the open and tailored training programs covering all aspects of sales and sales leadership. Steve also provides one-to-one coaching. 

george james Ltd. - Training Team - Pascal Le Floch-Riche

Pascal Le Floch-Riche


Pascal runs both the open programs and in-house tailored training programs while delivering complementary individual coaching and mentoring in both French and English.


Jayne Green


As a sales trainer and coach, Jayne takes a holistic approach that isn’t just about transferring knowledge but aims to foster a growth mindset and enable people to continually develop long after training has finished.


Christian Walter


Christian runs both the open program and in-house tailored training programs and delivers individual coaching and mentoring in both German and English.

Ever attended a commercial or sales training program but felt like the trainers don’t understand the nuances of your industry? Having had thriving careers in the science and technology industry, with decades in similar roles to you, as well as years of experience as successful sales coaches, you can be confident that our coaches know the ins and outs of your market.


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"Already put into practice some of the leading meeting’s techniques. Will be picking up phone today and trialling some new call approaches."
Technical Sales Specialist